2 Kids and a (Fur)Baby

This was a beautiful afternoon for me to spend with another fun crowd- Mom, Dad, little Nicholas, big sis Catherine and of course their other “child” Maggie. Maggie was easy since she, too, can strike a pose.2 kids and a dog outside fall

Nicholas is his Daddy’s mini me. Here he hams it up for the camera:
3 year old boy on blanket<br /> outside

Catherine was so sweet and patient with Nicholas as well as Maggie. She was my, very stylish, little helper.
brown eyed girl with curls

Plenty of love to go around in this family.
family collage outside

Nothing like a little toss into the air to keep the laughs going!
dad throwing little boy in the air

Goodbye, family of 5! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and we look forward to seeing you again next time.
family of four with dog outside